En-suite Bathroom Remodel

Our second bathroom remodel is finally done! After completely gutting our bathroom and spending six months moving plumbing and fixing water and electrical damage, I am over the moon to be done and can’t believe how amazing it turned out!

While our previous bathroom remodel consisted of mostly updates to the existing fixtures, we decided to completely gut the bathroom and start over since we hated how large the existing vanity was in our tiny master bathroom. Even though we completely remodeled the bathroom, we were able to do it for under $1,000 by doing a lot of the work ourselves and with the help of some knowledgeable friends and family members.

  • Paint and re-grout shower ($100)

  • Retile floor ($160)

  • New vanity and fixtures ($350)

  • Shiplap ($80)

  • Wallpaper ($130)


(The old dark grout had begun to break down and fall out, leaving the bottom pan stained and constantly looking dirty…We spent so many hours over the first year of owning our home trying to bleach the stains out before we decided to just regroup and paint it! It was the biggest pain, but made a world of difference!)



Wallpaper: Home Depot

Vanity: Lowe’s

Mirror: Pier 1

Vanity lighting: Lowe’s

Wall hooks: Target

Wall art: Hobby Lobby

Towels: Target

Shower curtain: Target

Soap Dispenser: Target

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