Six Days in Santorini and Mykonos

Of all the places on our trip, Santorini and Mykonos were the two places I was looking forward to the most. After constantly being on our feet the few weeks before, a relaxing week at the beach was exactly what we needed before heading home to the states.

The first island we visited was Santorini, which I chose primarily due to the fact they are known for their wines. On first impression, Santorini doesn’t impress. The island is dry and mostly rocks and dirt…not exactly what you picture when you think “island”. When we arrived at our Airbnb though, the owners had built beautiful gardens on every inch of the property. Our little patio was the perfect escape.

After settling in, we walked down the beach and got dinner at a small local restaurant. Walking back, I couldn’t help but snap pictures of some of the famous white and blue buildings!

Day One: Catamaran Tour and Sunset at Venetsanos Winery

For our first day in Santorini, we woke up early and did a catamaran cruise. We got to swim in the Aegean Sea, see the island from the water, as well as learn about some of its history.

Afterwards, we went back to our area of town and rented an ATV so we could get around the island and do some exploring.

After eating dinner, we decided to go wine tasting and watch the sunset at Venetsanos Winery. Since we showed up last minute without a reservation, we sat further back but the sunset view was still absolutely stunning.

Day 2: Exploring Oia, Fira, and Wine tasting

The next day, we took the ATV up to Oia (ee-uh), stopping and exploring the island along the way. The drive was gorgeous, the ocean viewable on either side of us the whole way.

The views from Oia were even more stunning stunning. While the town wasn’t exactly what I had pictured it would be like due to the massive crowds of people that funneled themselves through the narrow streets (Nothing like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), the stunning views made it worth fighting the crowds if only to snap a few pictures. I just wish we had made it to the town in the early morning so we could have had it more to ourselves.

Afterwards, we drove to Fira and had lunch at the most amazing hole in the wall Gyro place called Lucky’s Souvlakis before exploring the town.

Finally, we hopped back on our ATV and went around to a few different wineries to try some of Greece’s most prized wine. We started at Artemis Karamolegos Winery which had great Assyrtiko (this is the type of wine that is mainly grown on the island) as well as an Orange wine that tasted like a light dry red.

We then visited Estate Argyros and did a tasting and tour of the winery. This winery had (of course) a great Assyrtiko as well as a delicious desert wine that tasted like strait hazelnuts and caramel.

The second to last winery we visited was called Gaia Winery which had some of the best wine yet. Unlike most of the other wineries in Santorini, this winery strayed away from having just white wines and Assyrtiko and had a few red blends from their sister winery just outside of Athens. Along with the red blends, Gaia Wines was also set apart by the fact that each year, they submerge a crate of wine under the sea which they leave for five years to age. While we didn’t get to try any of these wines, it was fascinating seeing some of the aged bottles and learning about the process. I even made a cute little kitten friend in the process!

Finally, we made our way to our final winery, Sanyo Wines, for dinner and wine tasting while we watched the sunset. Not only was the food and wine great, but the view of the sunset was absolutely stunning. Pictures don’t do it an ounce of justice.

Mykonos Day One: Ferry from Santorini

The next day we took a ferry from Santorini to Mykonos. When we arrived at our Airbnb, we were blown away by the beautiful view overlooking both the sea and Mykonos Town.

That afternoon we explored the part of Mykonos town nearest to us and had some amazing pizza at a local Italian restaurant. After three weeks overseas, we were starting to crave pizza and pastas!

That night we watched the sunset from the rooftop terrace at our Airbnb and talked talked until late at night watching the city and cruise boats glimmer in the distance.

Day Two: Windmills, Church of Paraportiani, Little Venice, and Matoyianni Street.

Our first full day in Mykonos, we spent the day wandering around the town and seeing all the sites. First, we stopped at the Windmills to take some pictures along with the many other tourists.

Next we wandered through Little Italy before getting lunch near the water.

After lunch we stopped by the Church of Panagia Paraportiani on our way to Matoyianni Street.

We then visited the iconic Matoyianni Street and did a little window shopping as we strolled by.

Later that night we had dinner at Joanna’s Nikos Place Taverna and had some amazing traditional Greek food. As we walked back to our Airbnb to watch the sunset from our rooftop, we stopped for a minute to watch the waves break against the small shoreline and the sun glimmer off the sea. It was absolutely stunning and the perfect way to end the day.

Day 3

On our third day, we were going to go to the beach, but a storm had started rolling in and the beaches were miserable in the wind (unless you like getting sand thrown in your face at 30mph). We ended up relaxing on the outdoor patio at our Airbnb for a few hours before deciding to bar hop in town before grabbing dinner.

That night we watched the sunset from the hot tub on the outdoor patio of our Airbnb, enjoying our last night in Mykonos before our early flight the next morning.

The next morning our flight left just as the sun was rising…perfect for our last glimpse of the Greek islands!

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