Laundry Room Remodel: Before + After

My laundry room has been one of those never ending projects. To this day, I still have a list of things I want to update and change and probably always will. It’s one of my favorite rooms to work on though because each and every project I embark on makes a HUGE difference in this small space.

In the past year we’ve:

1. Added a faux brick accent wall

2. Built shelves above the laundry machines

3. Painted the floors

While it’s not exactly what I pictured, I love the way my laundry room has turned out so far and I can’t wait to keep improving it!



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9 thoughts on “Laundry Room Remodel: Before + After”

  1. I am remodeling my laundry room right now as well! You did such an amazing job! Thanks for showing me that there is actually a finished product in all this construction mess!

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