Budget Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Reveal

When my husband and I bought our fixer-upper, we had so many remodeling ideas.

Dreams of knocking down walls, replacing floors, and gutting our outdated bathrooms and kitchen…all the things you see on fixer upper shows that they make look so easy.  We even had a buddy who had volunteered his expertise for a quarter of what we would pay a professional. Score!  With excitement, we set to work tearing out carpets and painting everything in sight.  We could make this outdated 70’s style home with it’s wood paneled walls and oak built ins into our dream home right?

It’ll be easy! (Insert laugh/cry emoji at our naivety here)

Quickly we learned that our budget and time didn’t matter to our fixer upper.

After a months of never ending projects, I grew discouraged.  A year and a half of my home being turned into a disaster zone and my wallet being sucked dry with each project had turned me into a DIY/fixer upper skeptic.

Did I really want to commit another six months and thousands of dollars to remodeling a kitchen?

When we talked about remodeling our kitchen, I always pictured everything…different.  New cabinets, butcher block countertops and of course one of those dreamy apron sinks (complete with bundles of flowers from the local farmer’s market of course!) to complete my farmhouse kitchen remodel. I envisioned knocking down walls and creating an “open concept” in our house. But all that would cost money and time that I didn’t want to spend.  (I’d rather spend my money on bottles of wine and online shopping…can I get an AMEN?)

In the end it came down to the fact that this is not our forever home.  I didn’t want to sink more money into a house that we will ideally rent our or sell in the next four to five years.  For us, a complete remodel just didn’t make sense…but my perfectionist ass cringed every time I walked into that kitchen.    There had to be SOMETHING I could do to improve it.  A simple visit to Hobby Lobby just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

After months of putting the project off and consulting my dear, dear friend Pinterest, I finally made the decision to paint everything.  I mean EVERYTHING.  It took a lot of time and effort but OH MY GOSH am I glad I took a chance and did it!  For about a quarter of the price and time it would have taken to completely remodel the kitchen, I now have a gorgeous farmhouse style kitchen that I absolutely LOVE!




30 thoughts on “Budget Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Reveal”

  1. Oh my goodness! How gorgeous. You just gave me courage to start on my own old and outdated kitchen. How long did all that painting took you?

    1. It took me 2-3 weeks to do both the countertops and cabinets! I did the insides too which took up a lot of that time. So worth it though!

    1. Yes I painted them with a tile paint and sealed them with a polyacrylic coating! I’ll be doing a tutorial in about a week or so. 😊

  2. Wow, what a difference! You are good at this DIY stuff. I’m thinking of painting my ugly fridge because it has some chipped paint and I thought painting it yellow would give it a retro look. You have to be pretty confident it will turn out well though!

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