Dining Room Remodel

Our dining room was one of the first remodeling projects we finished when we bought our fixer upper, and the one that by far took the longest. We literally tore apart the whole room and started fresh. In about four months we:

-ripped out the faux wood panelling and put up new dry wall

-installed baseboards and crown moulding

-removed the cheap office style ceiling panels to reveal tongue and grove ceiling (it was THE BEST surprise!)

-replaced the florescent lights with a chandelier

-ripped up the carpet and installed tile

Design flaws and electrical issues held the project up for a long time but once it was done…OH MY GOSH.



CLICK HERE to see my farmhouse kitchen remodel!

11 thoughts on “Dining Room Remodel”

  1. I love your decor! We just moved in a new house recently and I am still trying to figure out how to decorate the kitchen, dining room and living room! I love all the greenery! Where did you get your centerpiece?

    1. Thank you!! I put our centerpiece together with decor from a bunch of different stores…I’m doing a tutorial in the next couple weeks on it so make sure to check back in! I’ll link where I got everything and how to put it all together for you all. 😊

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